Zombs Royale, Battle Royale Game That is too Cute (+Aimbot)

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Nowadays online games have many types and are very popular with various ages, not only children and teenagers. One type of online game is Battle Royale. But did you know the origin of the Battle Royale type game?

Initially the term Battle Royale originated from a Japanese novel entitled Battle Royale in 1996 and was released in 1999. The novel was very successful in its time and was also used as a novel and manga in 2000. The story is about 40 students sent to an island with the aim of killing each other to survive and be given time for 3 days. Just like in the game, students in this novel are also given water, medicine, and weapons at random. Films from Hollywood, The Hunger Games also have a concept similar to Battle Royale.

Zombs Royale aimbot

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Battle Royale is a game where you are deployed in a map containing 100 players and are required to kill each other into the last one standing aka the last surviving player. After being parachuted with parachutes you have to look for equipment such as weapons, bulletproof clothes, and healing drugs. Every time you can meet the enemy and that’s where you have to kill each other to survive. This game can be played on a team or solo basis.

The game base of ZombsRoyale.io is a battle royale of 100 players that is played like a PUBG or Fortnite without having to build a building. Not only about the mechanism of the game, this game also offers cosmetic items, weapons, items, and UI that are similar to what we find in PUBG games. This game even has the same game mode, such as Solo, Duo, Squad mode, and random mode that changes every week.

Zombs Royale aimbot


This random game mode is what distinguishes ZombsRoyale.io from other similar games. This mode is interesting because sometimes we get 50v50 mode, where players can build buildings like those found when playing Fortnite. Sometimes, we also get a PvE mode where players will play against zombies.

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