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Games is the best thing in computer for most people. Then comes games with online mode. Those people will get excited more. Many of online games is heavy for computers to run, they needs powerful spec or laptops. Slither io is alternative for light weight online games. Slither io is a multiplayer game that is playable in browser. Imagine if all games can be played in browser, haha. It might be so much fun that time (maybe).

Snake-like avatars is played by the player, which consume colorful pellets from other players, and people who naturally appear on the map in the game to grow the size. Did you know Snake 2? Maybe it’s the best game back then when Nokia is the king of phone in the world. Slither io has a similar taste of Snake 2 from Nokia. But it’s way more colorful, like your life haha.

The aim of slither io is to grow longest snake on the map. This game is getting more popular after being played by several YouTuber such as PewDiePie. On March 27, 2016, a mobile version of the game for Android was released.

The main purpose of the game is to control and move snakes around the area, eat pellets to get mass, consume and defeat other players to grow to be the biggest and longest in the game. If the player’s snake head collides and become part of another snake, the player loses the game and have to start from the beginning. And if you are not having a patient, then use mods to play this game (just kidding). Here are how we can play slither io with mods :

  • Mods is scripts, so you need to install it;
  • Use Greasemonkey if you are Firefox browser
  • Use Tampermonkey of you are Google Chrome, Chromium browser
  • Use Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey if you are Opera (version 15 and later) browser
  • Use Violentmonkey if you are Opera (version 12 and earlier version) browser
  • Install the script that you get from the web

Thank for your attention, guys. Cheers!

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