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If you are born in the 90s and you are happy with games, then you will not be familiar with Counter Strike games. This game originally came out in the 90s, around 1999. Counter Strike or often referred to as CS is a game that is type FPS (First-Person Shooter).

There are several FPS genre games that we know, such as Call of Duty, Point Blank and Counter Strike. We may often play FPS games but don’t realize what the actual FPS game is. This genre of FPS or First Person Shooter is a form of video game that is played by displaying the perspective of the player’s character in the game to the monitor screen and is 3-D. The advantage of this genre is that players can more easily imagine and feel what is experienced by characters in the game. That’s why FPS genre games are often related to action games.

We also often do not know the difference between FPS and TPS (Third Person Shooter), if displayed by showing the whole body of the game characters from behind, then this game is categorized as TPS. If displayed from the front, which only displays hands and weapons, this game is categorized as FPS.

The beginnings of commercial FPS games launched were Maze War and Spasim. In this game, characters are controlled like in the FPS game in general, the character walks using his feet and can spin to look around. Both of these games still use 2D systems. Then for the first FPS game that can be played multiplayer is MIDI Maze.

Then there are FPS games with 3D displays like Wolfenstein in 1992, Doom in 1993, and Quake in 1996. Doom with its Deathmatch mode has become very loved and widely adopted by modern FPS games. Whereas the Quake that is most favored by the players is with fast action movements, brutal gameplay and better 3D models.

Shell Shockers 2

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Counter Strike itself is a very popular FPS game from early 2000 until now. This FPS game has 2 versions to play, namely steam; which means that we play online and can interact with other players. Then there is the steam no. this means that we only play it in offline mode or we play against bots (computers). Counter Strike or CS starts from Half-Life which is then made the mod version and is called CS.

Initially CS was released on June 19, 1999 (CS Beta 1.0) for its first beta version until it ended on March 10, 2000 (CS Beta 6.0). Then the official release was CS 1.0 in November 2000. This game continued to grow until the most popular version was CS 1.6 version on September 12, 2003. A few years later it continued to be developed like Counter Strike: Condition Zero and the latest is CS Go.

Shell Shockers 2

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Shell Shockers is a multiplayer game that is played online through the browsers you have. This game is very light and can be directly played without installation first. This game is FPS genre with 3D perspective and action. You act as an egg with a variety of weapon choices to choose from. Simply conquer your enemy by shooting him and you will be a winner! Directly play and conquer all your enemies who are blocking.



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