Samsung HW-N450 Soundbar Review, Powerful yet Economical


Are you one of the people who feels that the speakers on your LED TV feel powerless and lacking in performance? You might need this Samsung soundbar device. In addition to having a clear voice, audio performance is also quite capable. It has an elegant and minimalist shape, suitable to be placed as decoration in your home as well as a sound amplifier from television.

Samsung hw-n450 Soundbar Review

Soundbar Samsung

HW-N450 is a small soundbar that has an elegant design and is just right to complement your television set. It has a 2.1 system with a wireless subwoofer and a sleek stereo soundbar. Its slim size fits in combination with the middle-class television that is available today. The main speaker can be mounted on a wall or on a table.

There is already a bracket for your equipment installed on the wall. The driver on the subwoofer has a size of 6 inches. This speaker has a total system frequency response of 42Hz to 20kH. This frequency range indicates that this speaker has a fairly good quality compared to its size. This speaker has several features that are quite complete, including the 3.5 mm analog jack, HDMI, and USB port. There is no digital coax or RCA. Based on existing spec data, this Samsung device already supports playing AAC, WAV, WMA, FLAC, OGG files.

This device can be connected to other devices via bluetooth. Although having discrete surround speakers will always deliver a far superior surround sound experience. The HW-N450 Soundbar uses an upmixer for the rear channel, reprocessing stereo signals into a 4.1 channel experience. There is no support for higher resolution codecs such as Dolby TureHD or DTS-HD Master Audio. Samsung does not offer commercial loudness compensation.

You may have noticed that when several ads appear, they are significantly harder than the program material that you are watching. If you are looking for such a feature, you want to consider another soundbar.

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