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Most Popular Programming Languages 2018 Github


In every computing activity, most of us will deal with the codes that we program for a particular purpose. This code can amount to hundreds or even millions of lines, depending on how complex the program is made and its needs. The code can be made to be used as software or as a hardware controller and monitoring.

What is programming? The often questions arises among new students who are majoring in computer or informatics engineering. Coding, programming, website, applications, and information systems are the main topics of discussion regarding programming. Programming is a process of someone writing, repairing, testing, and maintaining codes in making a computer program. These codes are written in a programming language that doesn’t only have one type.

You can create a program with a programming language that might be different from your friend’s language. It depends on what programming language you master in doing a system program. With you understand and are able to apply language directly into the program. A program will do the job as you order on the codes. However, to do programming is not only you need the programming language. But also you need to understand about logic, algorithms, and other knowledge related to programming.

So, the relationship between all knowledge is a combination that can create programs that are effective, efficient, and can be implemented according to the plan of manufacture.

most popular programming languages 2018 github

Programming Languages

When we look at the Github site (Github is a forum for programmers to ask questions about programming and also sharing tips), the languages most often used are JavaScript, Ruby and Python. JavaScript ranks highest in their language list with the most contributors in public and private repositories. This applies to organizations of all sizes in each region of the world. However, they also see the emergence of new languages on GitHub.

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