Microsoft Business Applications Summit – This is Why You Don’t Want to Miss It

Microsoft Business Applications Summit

The participants (Microsoft)

Microsoft Business Applications Summit is an event organized by Microsoft. This event contains a series of quite dense agendas.

The 2019 Event

In 2019 this event will be held on June 9 to June 11.
On June 9 or Pre-day there will be 4 events, namely; Shuttle service, Registration, Pre-day workshops and Welcome reception.

Shuttle service
There will be a bus that takes you from the official hotels to the Georga World Congress Center (GWCC) Building C

You will check in and pick up the badge, this is your all-access pass to get to the event.

Pre-day workshops
Breakfast and lunch are available there for you. In this session there will also be 16 sessions that you can choose to attend.

Welcome reception
You can pick up the badge before hurrying on Monday morning and connect with fellow participants.

On Monday there will also be a series of agendas, namely; Shuttle service, registration, breakfast, expo, opening keynote, ask the expert (ATE), 60-minute breakout sessions, theater sessions, lunch, workshops, networking happy hour.

Transform with Microsoft partners who are innovative and with people behind the scenes who design Microsoft products.

Opening keynote
Contains a keynote event filled by executives from Microsoft /

Ask the expert (ATE)
You can meet directly with members of the Priduct team to complete the most complex data.

60-minute breakout sessions
Listen to a 60-minute lecture from experts at Microsoft.

On this last day the agenda is the same as the previous day, in the form of a continuation from Monday. The program includes Shuttle services, breakfast, theater sessions, expos, workshops, 60-minute breakouts, ask the expert (ATE), lunch, closing keynote.

With a duration of 2 hours, this workshop will contain deepdive, technical hands-on experiences. This event also has limited capacity and requires RSVP.

Closing keynote
Celebrate your 2 days of learning with Microsoft and the community.

Recap from 2018 event

Microsoft Business Applications Summit

2018 Event (Microsoft)

The Summit event from Microsoft was also held the previous year, namely in July 2018. The following are some summaries of the activities that have been carried out.

Important events at this event were related to Microsoft Flow, PowerApps and Common Data Service for Apps part of the Microsoft Power Platform.

There is also a session with customers by London Heathrow Airport.

PowerApps is a service provided by Microsoft to create and use custom business apps that connect to your data and work via mobile and web, without having to spend a lot of time developing software.

Strategy and vision of the Microsoft Power Platform

Opening Keynote – Digital transformation with Microsoft Business Applications

Business applications powered by data and critical intelligence to strengthen a company’s transformation. You can find out how Power Platform and Microsoft Dynamics 365 can strengthen your industry and have a real influence on the organization.

Microsoft PowerApps vision and roadmap

PowerApps now is a platform where Dynamics 365 applications are created in an original, more and more Office 365 applications are easily customizable, and organizations around the world use to develop transformative standalone applications.

Microsoft Flow vision and roadmap

Microsoft modernizes cross-productivity business processes, CRM and ERP applications – and now it’s easier for every business to change how it works. Microsoft Flow is the workflow and Microsoft business process management platform.

PowerApps and Microsoft Flow Customer Sessions

Real world stories from London Heathrow Airport and American Red Cross using PowerApps and Microsoft Flow with Office 365

Samit is a software developer who was once a security officer at the largest airport in Europe. He also teaches how to make software. Komal Tekchandani leads the IT team for business affairs at London Heathrow Airport. These people use PowerApps, Microsoft Flow and Power BI to make solutions for them.

Real world stories from app makers at Autoglass and Arriva using PowerApps with the Common Data Service

Martin Lee is an operations operator at Autoglass that builds more than 40 cross platform applications for technicians, call center operations and executives, without professional development expertise. Keith Whatling is a bus operator and dispatcher who has rediscovered his love of technology and built solutions to streamline bus operations in Arriva UK.

Common Data Service and Model-driven PowerApps solutions

Understanding and building model-driven Microsoft PowerApps solutions

Model-driven applications are new capabilities in Microsoft PowerApps, but building them may already be a common concept for Dynamics 365 users and customizers. Learn the details about PowerApps and General Data Services for Applications as a single, integrated platform for customizing and expanding Dynamics 365 applications and building application.

Extending model-driven applications in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft PowerApps with custom logic

In this session, we will explore how to expand Dynamics 365 and Microsoft PowerApps with server-side logic and special code, focusing on Plugins, Azure Functions, and more.

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