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In the ancient times, IBM was the market leader of PC market with Windows operating system. Then competitors appear with different operating systems and a more elegant appearance. It is Apple Macbook and its Macintosh Operating System. Its stunning appearance with more intuitive and attractive User Interface (UI) makes it a new dream for computer users.

Beside that, many times ago, MacOS was a smoother Operating System and could finish many jobs well and perfectly. The Macbook is a series of Macintosh portable computers made by Apple Inc. from the beginning of 2006 until the end of 2011. The MacBook was introduces in May 2006, replacing the iBook G4 and 12-inch PowerPC processor to Intel.

The MacBook is part of the MacBook family as a low-end computer, with a target market for consumers and education. The MacBook is the best-selling Macintosh computer in history. Until now there are three different MacBook models: the original model has a framework made from a combination of polycarbonate and glass fiber like the iBook G4.

The second model made from a unibody aluminium frame was launched in October 2008 along with a 15-inch MacBook Pro. The third model was introduced in October 2009, with a polycarbonate unibody frame. On July 20, 2011, MacBook sales to consumers were stopped secretly to lead consumers to the MacBook Air. Apple continues to sell MacBooks to educational institutions until February 2012. Now the MacBook has been effectively replaced by MacBook Air.

MacBook Pro 2019 Rumors Reddit

MacBook Pro

On February 2019, Ming-Chi Kuo analysts released a research note that saw Apple’s release in 2019. MacRumors has obtained a copy of the report and perhaps the most interesting prediction for Mac users is the disclosure that Apple is working on a MacBook Pro 16 to 16.5 inch. The 16 to 16.5 inch screen will be the biggest screen Apple has provided on the MacBook Pro  since the termination of the 17 inch MacBook Pro in 2012.





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