Trying to Make Videos in Linux? Here is Some Linux Video Editing Softwares


If you are a professional editor or video editor as a hobby, then most of us will choose a device from Apple with its Macbook. However, it is also possible to edit videos with Windows and even Linux. The Linux operating system is indeed not a favorite of editors, but in this article we will give a little advice to those of you who want to edit videos using the Linux operating system.

Linux with its growing user community has made software developers come to develop their products. One of the products developed is video editor software. What’s more with the growing development of image and video-based social media such as Instagram and platforms such as Youtube, Patreon and others that require the creator to present information with interesting videos and images.

This makes the trend for video and image editing increasingly crawling up.

For Linux devices, there is enough software that you can use to edit videos. We will discuss this article.

  • Lightworks
Linux Video Editing Software

Lightworks (reversed)

Some films have been edited using this software, such as The Wolf of Wall Street, Hugo, and others. With the age of development that has reached 25 years, the ability and performance in the matter of editing videos is no doubt. Lightworks is a video editing application that is very complete with various tools and menus that make editing video and movies easier.

Lightworks is a professional video editing tool designed for Linux. Both the free and paid versions have all the features needed for a decent video editing experience. However, this is not only limited to Linux, but can also be used on Windows and Mac too. Some important things for this software include:

  1. Trimming and some effects
  2. Drag and drop feature
  3. Extensive container support and export of Vimeo
  4. Accurate frame fishing gear.
  • Cinelerra
Linux Video Editing Software

Cinelerra (reversed)

Cinelerra is a free video editing software for the Linux platform. It has a friendly and easy to use UI. This software is also simple and easy to use. This has been developed since 1998 and has released several versions to the public. This application is also often used to edit films as Lightworks. Many tools can be used such as adding text, adding effects, edit menus, and more.

  • Open Shot
Linux Video Editing Software

Open Shot (reversed)

Another video editor software provided by developers for Linux users is Open Shot. This is a Python based video editor. This software is freely available and free to download. Many features are provided for users such as trimming, snapping, cropping, and drag and drop that are easier. It also supports video encoding, key frames for animation, digital zooming, and audio mixing.

Open Shot proved to be no less powerful as Lightworks and Cinelerra. This is evidenced by the acquisition of several awards for this software. This software is available in more than 70 languages.

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