Want to Buy a New Computer? Here is iMac 2019 Review

imac 2019 review

iMac 2019

In addition to having sophisticated smartphone products, Apple also has desktop computer products. This device is an iMac. The iMac is not just an ordinary desktop computer, this Macintosh computer is designed with the all-in-one concept developed by Apple Computer.

This device was first introduced on May 7, 1998 by Apple Computer. Then go on sale in August. The audience considered this to be a computer that favored design and art as its main purpose. The screen and central processing unit become one, the all-in-one, where this concept has become a tradition of Apple Computer in creating an all-in-one computer. the first generation iMac uses the PowerPC / G3 233 MH processor and the outer part is blue bond.

imac 2019 review

First Gen iMac

The iMac is the first step to change people’s perceptions and the success of Apple Computer. Steve Jobs introduced many innovations at the time and one of them was this one device. Although Apple Computer has a small market share, the iMac has made people aware of the existence of the company. It is even an inspiration for other manufacturers to imitate their beautiful designs.

With a design that reminds many people of the first Macintosh product, the iMac has a handle that allows people to carry the computer everywhere. The iMac also adopts a Macintosh design that does not allow users to add other hardware to the computer. But many resourceful users can use the right way to overcome them.

The iMac was the first Apple computer to adopt the Intel Core Duo processor in January 2006 and then the Intel Core 2 Duo in August 2006.

Then regarding the iMac 2019, we can refer to the testimonials of users in this Quora forum;

27 5 5K Retina Screen, 3.7GHz 6-Core Processor with Turbo Boost up to 4.6GHz and 2TB Storage. A really beautiful machine. $ 2299.00. According to his testimonial, it’s not a bad price from Apple for top-of-the-line machines (6-core, 3.5GHz Mac Pro with Turbo Boost up to 4.6GHz and 256GB SSDs are $ 2,999!)

However, all iMacs suffer from problems that same. Something is wrong with the screen, you have to send everything to be repaired. And if you do that “whatever”, basically you’re on the hook for a big repair fee. The screen is the most fussy and vulnerable part of any PC, according to his experiences.

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