Google Santa Tracker Snowball, This Small Games Will Make You Happy!

Google Santa Tracker Snow Ball

Home page of Google Santa Tracker

Google is the biggest search engines today an a big company in the world. It provides many things that people need. Google also covering emails, video sharing platform, blogging platform, operating system, and much more. Let’s just focus on the search engine. In any national day or historical day, Google search engine always make an unique approach according to the day. If it’s the christmas day, then they will make a themes and maybe a game that suits christmas.

Google Santa Tracker Snow Ball

Snow Ball Battle Ground haha!

In 2018, Google makes a great game while in Christmas Day. It’s called Santa Tracker. Google Santa┬áTracker has been active and running since early December. An unique approach like the calendar has held several gems for a month. But there’s a mini game that feels familiar with today’s mainstream game-PUBG. This mini game called Snowball Storm. In this games, you and 99 other elves will parachute (but without planes like in PUBG or Freefire) to the island of snow and take part in large-scale snowball battles. The same battle royal as in PUBG, but this time you are using snowball to defeat enemies. Very entertaining, isn’t it? The aim of the game is to become the last standing elf, and you can pick up prizes scattered on the ground to enhance your snowball. Oh, the island is fall to pieces during the game, some gimmicks that makes you more enjoy this game huh. It seems that this games is share the same basic themes with PUBG but in more family-friendly way. Seems nice I suppose. The graphics is simpler too because (obviously) it’s a web game. Imagine if someday you can play PUBG-level game in website, wew cool eh. Perhaps Google wants to give a tribute to their Google-Play-darling game. What do you think? Wanna play it? Just do it guys!


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