Google Meet Hardware


Are you a worker in a company? Do you often do online meetings? Do you often use Skype Room Systems? Turns out Google also has an application with similar uses, namely Google Hangouts Meet. With this, Google set out to offer end-to-end video conferencing solutions for enterprise customers. Using the Chrome OS, the package currently has a touch screen controller, as well as a camera, microphone and speaker.

Google Meet Hardware


Google Cloud today (4/09) announced a partnership with the new Logitech and Acer Chromebase for the Meeting. Compared to Chat, Hangouts Meet is more focused on Google’s company offerings because it is directly built on the success of classic Hangouts in the past. Logitech now offers three pre-configured room solutions for Hangouts Meet. Bundles have “qualified” for Google video services, and include pre-configured Chromeboxes, conferences cameras and touch screen controllers.

  • Huddle room bundle (suitable for 2-4 people) with a Logitech Meetup camera with microphone and speaker, Chromebox, and touch controller
  • Medium room bundle (ideal for 6+ or more people) with Logitech Rally soundbar and pod pod, Rally camera, Chromebox, and touch controller.
  • Large room bundle (best for 12+ or more people) with two sound blades, two microphone pods and a Chromebox with touch controller.
Google Meet Hardware


There are several brands that support Google Hangouts Hardware, such as Acer and Asus. The Asus Hangouts Meet Hardware kit is a smart video conferencing solution in stunning HD resolution. This package includes a compact Asus Chromebox 3 computer powered by an Intel® Core ™ i7 processor, and a 4K UHD camera with a broad 120 degrees field of view – with automatic zoom technology to keep images focused on meeting participants.

The Asus Hangouts Meet hardware kit is also equipped with a touch-screen control panel in one-touch meeting management, and a high quality speaker box that uses echo-cancellation and noise suppression technology to deliver crystal-clear audio. You can even use chain daisies to ensure that everyone in a larger room can hear and be heard. The Asus Hangouts Meet hardware increases team efficiency through real-time collaboration, making it the perfect choice for a modern workplace.

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