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With the development of technology, the internet is also inseparable from its development. If at the previous time the internet was merely to connect between computers in a region, then it developed into a connection between cellphones. Now there is a growing development of IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Previously the watch was not connected to internet, now it can connect to the internet. Previously the washing machine was not connected to the internet, now it can connect to the internet. Almost all objects can be connected to the internet now, for monitoring and controlling purposes. And most likely, all objects will be able to connect to the internet and can be accessed anywhere.

Google Home Hub Review CNET

Google Home Hub

This era of Internet of Things makes it easy for us to know things in a fast and practical way. One of them is through applying it at home through various home assistant products that are already on the market. Call it Amazon Echo, Facebook Portal, Lenovo Smart, and Google Home Hub.

Google Home Hub is the answer from Google for Amazon Echo -a personal assistant from Amazon-. It uses a personal assistant that is used on tour Android device. This personal assistant from Google has a screen size of 7 inch, similar to your old tablet.

With a thick bezel and enough resolution only 1024×600 feels not too special on the paper. This device is equipped with a camera, but there is an ambient light sensor to detect differences in light. For those of you who have fear of webcams and such, Google Home Hub can be an option.

To navigate the menu, you can directly use it via the touch screen or via voice commands, Google Home Hub can also be used to watch Youtube shows without the need to subscribe first. You can also watch streaming video shows such as HBO Now or CBS. But you still can’t watch Netflix there. To add to your experience in watching videos, you can connect it to the speakers at home.

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