Garmin Cycle Computers, 5 Devices Comparison for Your Needs

Garmin Cycle Computers

Garmin Edge 500

Garmin Cycle Computers are devices that covers the need for most cyclist. They have so much variants and price range so people can easily choose between them. Especially for touring cyclists and performance racers, they are eagerly need technology that can be counted on. Garmin Cycle Computers covered with GPS, specific routing for bike, navigation with turn-by-turn feature, and much more.

Garmin Cycle Computers

Comparisons of Edge 200, 500, 800, 510, and 810

Garmin Cycle Computers Comparison

Unit Dimensions

Here we have 5 devices from Garmin Cycle Computers. They are Edge 200, Edge 500, Edge 800, Edge 510 and Edge 810. The biggest in dimension here is Edge 510 with biggest display also. Then there is Edge 510, Edge 810, Edge 500, and the last Edge 200. The biggest dimension comes with the biggest weight; 95 grams. If you are considered to use the Edge 800 (the biggest-of-all-five) then you have to make sure that you have a strong stand for the device.


Among 5 Garmin Cycle Computers ( Edge 200, 500, 800, 510 and 810), Edge 810 brings the most complete features. They are High-sensitivity GPS, Hotfix, HR monitor, speed/cadence sensor, ANT+ power meter, barometric altimeter, auto lap, virtual partner, alerts, custom workouts, courses, lap history, bike profiles, activity profiles, basemap, HR zones, power zones, mapping/navigation, active routing, elevation profile page, microSD card, and the last Garmin Connect. But unfortunately it lacks GLONASS, which importants for some people.

Edge 810 has a decent battery life, i.e. 17 hours rechargeable. While Edge 520 is better with 20 hours rechargeable and it has a GLONASS too! Edge 800, 510 and 810 are just having a slightly differents in feature. Edge 810 have nearly all the features (except GLONASS), Edge 510 lacks basemap and mapping/navigation, and Edge 800 lacks GLONASS, Connected features, activity profiles, and active routing.

Garmin Cycle Computers

Garmin Edge 810

The verdict is whether you are pro cyclist or just hobbyist, buying Garmin Edge series is a good decision. We live in a digital era and I think digital device is a must for now. But in the end, you can choose whether buy it or not. The most complete series brings high price and vice versa.


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