FPS Fans Must Try: Krunker io!


Krunker.io is the first cartoon person shooter where you are thrown into the shoes of a pixel soldier in the middle of a battle. Use your war tactics and snipers aim to defeat all your enemies. Watch cool animations appear on the screen when you kill enemies and get points.
In this real-time .io multiplayer game, you have a choice of up to 5 characters to choose from. Jump into the game and prove that you are the ultimate soldier. To add to the fun, remove your spray gun and spray paint on the wall or your enemy! Have fun!

Game Krunker.io is an attempt to marry the two houses. This game comes to us from Sidney de Vries, who is a famous creator of .io. Sidney may be famous for Moomoo.io, an agricultural based genre that uses the .io genre which also includes resource collection and crafting. Krunker.io doesn’t care about these traps or extras, and returns to the essence of the .io formula, which means everything is about competing with fellow players until you are in power.

Things like stories and characters are generally not important for .io games, and Krunker.io continues this respectful tradition. In Krunker.io, you are a person who has weapons, and you have to fight with other people with weapons until your score is higher than them. This oversimplification is not intended as a criticism; it is quite fun to go to a multiplayer experience where the goal is only to win, and there is no additional goal to be missed by a one-person team (look at you, Overwatch).

krunker download

Krunker.io game!

Release date
June 2018

More than 5 characters to play
You can spray paint
Fast gameplay
Smooth controls
Web browser

Krunker was made by Sidney de Vries, who had previously made other .io games like MooMoo.

This game is currently in beta. Many expected updates.

Tips and tricks
Try various weapons, choose one depending on the circumstances.
Look for a shelter when reloading.
If you jump while shooting someone, you can get extra points!
Practice a lot! It’s a good game but it requires skills that you only get if you practice.

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via https://www.crazygames.com/game/krunker-io | https://thekoalition.com/2018/introducing-krunker-io-another-member-of-io-games-family

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