Facebook Link Debugger, In case Your FB Account is Broken


One of the major social media in the world that is still used today is Facebook. Facebook is widely used to search for information from forums that are related to people’s interests and hobbies and also look for items to sell or buy. But like other social media, Facebook still has errors and bugs. One useful tool for fixing errors or bugs that exist is with Facebook Debugger in developer site.

Facebook Link Debugger


Have you ever post something to your Facebook page or home and experiencing a not too good link preview? Sometimes images vanish when you know there are lots on the page. Other times the description snippet is old and does not accurately reflect the current content.

Of course you can edit the title and description if you click it in the preview, but if the link is later shared by your followers – it will return to the original. You might not get the preview that you expected because the data was cached.

Just use the Debugger Facebook tool: pop the URL you have a problem with into the tool then your cache is deleted. When you post something again, you will see an updated link preview that reflects all the current content.

Based on the developer site of Facebook, we can use the Share Debugger to see information that is used when our website content is shared. Invalidator batch will allow you to refresh this information for multiple URLs simultaneously. Open Graph markup allows us to control our website content is displayed others.

The Access Token Debugger allows us to view information related to certain access tokens from someone who enters our application with Facebook. The Open Graph Debugger is to help us understand the information attached to that object. For more information you can access https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/

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Via https://socialmediabreakfastmaine.com/2012/11/15/little-known-but-useful-tool-facebook-debugger/ | https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/

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