Facebook App Keeps Crashing Even After Reinstall


In the era of the internet as it is today, social media is one of the things that people like. Social media can connect people from one place to another quickly and interactively without requiring long time and high costs. Many social media circulating in the world such as Friendster, Plurk, Twitter, and Facebook. In this article we will discuss more deeply about Facebook.

Definition of Facebook is a social networking site that allows users to interact with other users throughout the world. The phrase “Face Book” is a basic principle that distinguishes Facebook from its social network, which displays all information from that user. Facebook offers a variety of advanced features that have never been on social media before.

Besides being able to exchange messages, with Facebook a user can create personal pages, add friends, create and update status, share various types of content, video calls and more. In addition, Facebook is also equipped with privacy tools to limit who has right to see what you share.

Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook when he studied psychology at Harvard University. In February 2004, Mark founded Facebook, where the name came from a profile sheet that was shared with new Harvard students. Initially, Facebook was introduced only to students. It was used as a medium of introduction for Harvard students. There are 1,200 Harvard students who have registered within 24 hours.

Furthermore, the network was expanded to other universities in Boston, Stanford University, the Ivy League and other universities in the United States. In September 2005, this site spread to other universities throughout the world.

facebook app keeps crashing even after reinstall

Facebook Apps

Like any other social media in the world at the moment, Facebook also has applications for smartphones and tablets. This application is used on iOS and Android Operating Systems. But turns out that Facebook apps are crashes on some devices. We summarize several ways to fix crashes on Facebook apps. If you are facing a problem where the Facebook apps keeps breaking down on your Android device, you have come to the right place.

  • Reboot the Phone

Restarting your cellphone, tablet or even PC is known to overcome many problems. And it works many time.

  • Log out the Application

Try leave Facebook apps. Sometimes problems arise with your account session and it might come out fixing it.

  • Clear Cache

Open device settings and clear cache. Clearing the cache has also been a major savior for many users. Without deleting important data, clearing cache fixes the problem by deleting temporary files.

  • Clear Data

Delete the data for the Facebook apps in the settings if clearing the cache doesn’t solve the problem. It will eject you from the application and delete apps settings.

  • Update the Application

Go to your Play Store or Apple Store and update your Facebook apps.

  • Reinstall the Application

Uninstall your apps from settings and download the apps again from Google Play Store or Apple Store then install.

  • Install an Old Facebook Version

Uninstall you Facebook apps and install the older version from another site.

  • Disable Power Saving Mode

Go to your settings and then uncheck and disable power saving mode or battery optimizer.

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