Facebook and Instagram Down, This is What You Have to Do


Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp Down

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FB Down (Facebook)

Sunday, April 14, 2019 Instagram social media and Facebook had experienced a downtime or a disturbance. This incident hit the whole world. We don’t know what caused the error WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook.

A number of users from various parts of the world such as Europe, the United States and of course Asia report if they cannot access Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp because of an error.

The users then switch to Twitter and search for information there. They use hashtags such as #InstagramDown, #Facebook Down, and #WhatsAppDown. On the FB page they only read “Facebook will be back soon”.

This incident took place from 6 o’clock. This report came from various countries such as Cambodia, Malaysia, parts of Asia.
Laman Down Detevtor reports that there were 1,282 Facebook reports down during the past hour. Those affected are users in Europe, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, America, India and surrounding areas.

The WhatsApp page on the desktop cannot be opened. It also cannot be used to send messages.

Alternatives from Facebook

Facebook as one of the biggest social media in the world today collapsed. This also overrides social media under its auspices such as WhatsApp and Instagram.

Following are some alternatives from FB

1. Twitter
Twitter is a social network based on writing, images and short videos (only a few minutes maximum). This site is also referred to as micro-blog because there are so many that make good writing here.

When FB collapsed today, many users migrated to Twitter to find out the latest news with various hashtags.

2. Line
Line is a social media originating from Korea. The most favorite feature that is used by users is the sticker and the game (must be installed separately).

This social media can be an alternative to FB and WA if you want to send messages to colleagues or relatives. Messages that can be sent can be voicemail, text or video.

3. WeChat
WeChat is the largest social network in China. This application has nearly 800 million users in China. This application can connect to many games and is also used as a payment system.

WeChat is also an interesting social networking application because it can establish communication and can share important moments easily.

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