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When we have an item, it is very natural if we want to take care of it as best we can. Similarly, when we have a computer or laptop. We want to take care of it and keep it from viruses and malware circulating in the digital world. Software used to treat our computers from viruses is anti-virus.

In the computer world there are many anti-virus available. From the paid to the free, everything is available to you. One of the most famous anti-virus in the world is Avast !. This is available in the free and paid version for you. Of course for the paid version you will be given more complete features and more significant updates.

dri Avast Software

Anti Virus (avast)

Alwil Software is the developer who developed Avast! and comes from Prague, Czech Republic. In 1988 this program was first released to the world. Avast is now not only developing anti-virus but also artificial intelligence and cloud infrastructure. Avast anti-virus is available for devices that use the Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems. This application has full features that can remove viruses and detect your virus from a computer. You are required to register after 30 days of use of this product in the free version. This registration means that your application can be monitored properly and receive regular updates.

The following are some of Avast’s features:

Protect your computer from new viruses
Find and remove viruses from your computer
Get free updates from the internet

If you want to try another anti-virus, we recommend using Kaspersky and AVG Anti Virus for those of you who use the Windows operating system. Although for Macintosh and Linux it is relatively safer than a virus attack, but it would be nice to keep your computer safe from viruses. The anti-virus that we recommend is McAfee, Sophos and Norton.

There are some users who complain about Dri’s problems for Avast. Dri or Digital River is one of the eCommerce partners with Avast for various payments needed.

Here we quote the statement from one of the users who complained about the Dri problem with Avast,


I was looking at my bank statement today and I received this charge:

Dri * avast Software 9529084089 Mn 1 $ 53.24

I only have free avast and don’t want the kind you pay for. I don’t have to buy money protection or I’d have done so originally.

How can I speak to someone AT avast to have this charge rescinded?

Thanks in Advance,

Chris “Said the user named Chrisnabakowski in the Avast user forum. some users in the forum responded. Some suggest contacting Avast directly. And it turns out that this problem has happened repeatedly and is explained in this link :

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