CES 2019 Hightlights

CES 2019 Hightlights


(International Consumer Electronics Show) is an annual technology conference for the consumer electronics industry. The first CES, held in 1867 in New York, attracted around 17,000 participants. In 1978, the conference moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. Until today this article is written, it is considered the largest single trade show in the USA and is held every January.

It is the launch point for around 20,000 new products every year. Many larger technology vendors, including Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon, have opted out of the CES International in recent years, but their presence continues to increase, despite the fact that trade shows are not open to the public. A participant devoted to walking on the floor of the show in 2013 will run with an accumulation of 15 miles of technology with more than 150,000 other participants.

CES 2019 Hightlights

CES 2019

CES is a world gathering place for all those who develop in the consumer technology business. Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), it attracts business leaders and world pioneering thinkers. CES exhibits more than 4,400 companies that exhibit, including manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content technology delivery systems, and others.

Because it’s owned by the CTA, a technology trade association representing the US $ 398 billion consumer technology industry.

This event is indeed famous because of many products on display and make it the direction decision in which technology moves. These are few things that most likely prominent trends at CES 2019:

  • 5G

5G promises better speed, greater capacity and lower latency. This means it can function as the central nervous system of this new auotonomous age.

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial Intelligence or AI in CES 2019 is full of AT-focused processors and chips, along with companies that use this kit to embed AI in their products to enhance user experience.

  • 8K Resolution

CES 2019 ia about 2019. Brands like Samsung are leading this trend, given that 4K has just been launched, and that the human eye must work hard to detect differences in resolutions higher than 4K. The average screen size in 2009 is 26 inches while in 2019 it was 48 inches.

  • AR (Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is not a new thing, but it has begun to shift from business to consumer products. Because the company began to move to make the consumer AR get a better experience.

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