Best Netbook 2018, The Prices Won’t Kill You

Best Netbooks 2019

Lenovo Ideapad

Some people still can’t tell the difference between netbook, notebook and laptop. Netbook is a type of notebook computer but its size is more minimized and the hardware specifications are lower and there are some features that are eliminated with the aim of reducing the size, and reducing the price of a netbook itself. Netbooks are computers of anew type with prices, specifications and using different hardware.

Steve Jobs once said that netbook is not a solution for lightweight computer, it is MacBook Air. He is true, but still the price of Macbook Air is still feels high for many people in the third-world. Previously, netbooks have not been supported by all operating systems, but with the development of netbook technology today, various Operating Systems have been supported it, both OS in text and GUI, and even heavy OS like Windows 8 can now run on a netbook.

The price range of a netbook is quite economical, ranging from $150-400, we can already buy a new low class netbook. Notebooks, netbooks and laptops are different. Netbook has a screen from 6-13 inches, while notebook has a size of 13.1-18 inches, and laptops has a thick screen and screen more than 18 inches. FYI, laptops naming are coming from 20 years ago. Laptops are portable computers, and notebooks are improvement from it.

Is anyone still using a netbook now? The answer is, of course, still some people using it, especially from beginners like students in the third world. Currently, netbooks are drowning in the midst of a such more powerful notebook or ultrabook (lightweight notebook) or even smartphones capable of carrying-out computer tasks. Nevertheless netbooks have gone through in their golden years in 2010-2015.

Best Netbooks 2019

Best Netbooks (BLW)

Based on Best Laptop World web, these are the best netbooks:

  • Lenovo 110S Premium
  • HP Stream Laptop PC 11-Y010NR
  • Asus E200HA Portable Lightweight Netbook
  • Dell i3168-0027

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