Best Linux Distro 2019 Reddit

Best Linux Distro 2019 Reddit

Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

There are 3 Operating Systems in the world that are commonly used on PCs and laptops. They are Windows, Macintosh and Linux. Windows and Macintosh are paid Operating Systems while Linux is free (on many versions or distributions).

Linux distributions continue to grow every year. And of course, all of these Linux distributions are more solid and easier to use even by novice users who have never used Linux before.

With the rowing development of existing Linux distibutions, more and more people are interested in using Linux. But even so, there are still many computer users who have not or are reluctant to use Linux.

Talking about the development of Linux distributions in 2018, there are quite a number of distributions that are growing rapidly. Various new features and improvements make these distributions more stable.

Best Linux Distro 2019 Reddit


  • Ubuntu

Ubuntu is on of the most popular Linux distributions on planet Earth. This year, Ubuntu made a surprise to its users by changing its Desktop Environment (DE) from Unity to GNOME. As we know, Unity is an identity DE from Ubuntu.

The first official release of Ubuntu – 4.10, codenamed “Warty Warthog” – was launched in October 2004, and sparked dramatic global interest when thousand of fans and software experts were free to join the Ubuntu community.

Best Linux Distro 2019 Reddit


Ubuntu currently has many flavors and dozens of special derivatives. There are also special editions for servers, OpenStack cloud, and connected devices. All editions share shared infrastructure and software, making Ubuntu a unique single-scale platform from consumer electronics to desktops and rising to the cloud for enterprise computing.

Desktop Ubuntu is by far the most widely used Linux workstation platform in the world, powering the work of engineers around the world. Ubuntu Core sets the standard for small transactional operating systems for connected devices that are very safe.

Ubuntu Server is a reference Operating System for the OpenStack prohect, and a guest OS that is very popular on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. Dell, Asus, Lenovo and other global vendors has been Ubuntu pre-installed on their computers.

  • Debian

There are many Linux distributions that use Debian as their base. It is not surprising that Debian has been dubbed the father of Linux distributions, because there are so many Debian based Linux distributions.

  •  Elementary OS

Elementary OS is the elegant and beautiful distribution of Ubuntu, therefore, all applications that can run on Ubuntu and Debian can also run smoothly in elementary OS.

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