Do You Want to Save Your Money? We Give You the Best Laptops in 2019 Under 500


If in the previous post has been explained about few laptops with the price of under 300 dollars, then in this article we will discuss about recommendations for laptops under 500 dollars. Here we capture laptops with the best specifications and are very suitable for daily use as a daily driver for users in general.

Best Laptops 2019 under 500

Asus A407U

  • Asus A407U

The A407U is a laptop that has a sleek body design but still has a complete port, including a DVD RW. In addition to the sleek body design, this laptop also offers an ultra slim screen that makes the whole body of this laptop feel slim.

What’s interesting about this laptop is that the Asus A407U is equipped with an Intel Core i3-6006U processor combined with Nvidia MX110. The combination perfomance of both the processor and graphics processo certainly makes this laptop quite fast in its class. In addition, this laptop also has alarge storage, it is 1 TB HDD.

Best Budget Laptops 2019 under 500

Lenovo Yoga 330

  • Lenovo Yoga 330 11IGM N5000

Lenovo Yoga 330 11IM is a 500 dollars laptop from Lenovo that can be function as a tablet. When it turns to tablet, it will provide an 11.6 inch screen with the touchscreen. What’s interesting about the Lenovo Yoga 33011IGM is its performance.

This laptop is equipped with Intel N5000, which has relatively good processor capabilities. In addition, this laptop has provide an SSD capacity of 256GB. Obviously this makes this hybrid laptop have good performance. Lenovo Yoga 330 11IGM is suitable for those of you who are looking for practical laptop but have a strong performance.

Best Laptops 2019 under 500

Lenovo Ideapad

  • Lenovo Ideapad 320-14ISK

For a laptop with the price of 500 dollars, the Lenovo IdeaPad 320-14ISK has a specifications that deserve a thumbs up. The performance of this 14-inch laptop is supported by an Intel i3-6006U processor which is owned by a laptop with a higher price with it.

Moreover, this laptop is also supported by two types of VGA, namely Intel HD Graphics 520 and Nvidia GeForce GT 920MX VRAM 2GB. For the needs of gaming or graphic design, it is guaranteed with  a 1TB HDD that will bring a good performance.

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