Best Gaming Computers 2018, Don’t Waste Your Money to Buy Wrong PCs!

Best Gaming Computers 2018

Simple Setups

Gamers who want to play best game, they also need best Gaming Computers 2018. If you want these games play smoothly :

  • Fortnite – with high-to-max settings in 1080p
  • Monster Hunter: World – MHW run at medium-high settings in 1080p60
  • Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds – PUBG run at medium-high settings in 1080p60
  • Dota 2-1080p60
  • Overwatch – Overwatch at max settings at 1080p60
  • Grand Theft Auto V – GTA V expect medium-to-high settings @1080p60
  • Team Fortress 2- TF2 should generally perform at 1080p and 1440p
  • League of Legends – League at max settings at 1080p60

then you need to build computers with this build :

  • CPU : Intel Core i3-8100 Quad-core Processor. This is the best budget CPUs you can get right now. It will offer great performance for daily gaming and most games on 1080p, but if you use it for rendering then it will show its limitations.
  • GPU : Zotac GTX 1050 Ti Mini. This GPU providing 1080p 60fps in the most modern games on medium settings. In older games, it will run to the max settings. It has higher performance than the PS4 and PS4 Pro.
  • RAM : Patriot Signature Line 8GB DDR4-2400. It offers all you need for multitasking and most gaming scenarios. In this price range, its the best you can get. Patriot, by far, is a good brand so you shouldn’t have to worry about its reliability.
  • HDD : Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200 RPM. You need big storage for gaming. With this 1TB, it should be enough to store many games. If you want to upgrade again, consider buying SSD for fastest speed and performance.
  • PSU : EVGA BR 450W+ Bronze-Certified PSU. Even of its budget price, EVGA has a great power supplies for great graphics. Though it will be little difficult to build since it isn’t modular, but this is the best for the price range.
  • MOBO : Gigabyte H310M Micro ATX Motherboard. Since its a budget build, so we didn’t recommend an overclocking MOBO. This Gigabyte is the best for its price.
  • Case : Thermaltake Versa H18. With the good looking and low price, we recommend it to you as best case for this gaming computers build.

In Amazon these will cost about $500, more or less. So maybe you should consider this build. Cheers!


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