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Apple Hardware Event 2018

Apple Computer

In the world of technology, many players are involved in it. One of them is Apple. It is a technology company that has the highest value today as a brand. At the beginning of his arrival, Apple was a pioneer of electronic devices that were easy to use, beautiful but had prices above the other competitors. Even so, there are always big fans from Apple who are read to buy products from them. Then for developer of the application on their operating systems, complete data about hardware are needed for them to develop apps. This is needed so that developers can still maintain the performance of their applications in the operating system on the well-known Apple devices. The developers always look forward to Apple Hardware Event every year.

apple hardware event 2018

Apple Hardware

Apple Hardware Event 2018 comes with many things there. Apple’s latest MacBook includes new features that make hackers or spies much harder to eavesdrop on in your microphone. Apple calls this the new T2 security chip.  The chip is inside the MacBook Air, which helps protect device encryption keys, storage, fingerprint data, and secure boot features.

The threat that emerged from hackers using webcams became a reality many years ago when remote administration tools (RATs) were used by scouts to spy on their targets remotely using their default laptop cameras. Some of that causes users to put sticky notes on their webcam lenses. It is estimated because the Apple webcam has lights that are connected to the hardware, so it is almost impossible to activate the webcam without user’s knowledge.

apple hardware event 2018

Apple software

MacBook Air for the first time ever, gets retina display and touch ID. Apple die-hard fans had long await for this moment. Then for the Apple Watch (not an iWatch), it comes with an EKG readers. It is not the first in the smartwatch world, but it will matter to more consumers, especially the Apple fans.

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