Apple didn’t Launch the Latest Device Yesterday, This is Why

Apple News Plus | Apple News iPhone 6 Plus

Apple News Plus (Apple)

On March 27, 2019, Apple held its biggest annual event, Apple Event. Usually, at this event there will be some upgrades from their hardware. In this event the product was only announced in the form of service, not in physical form.

This program showed the community that in order to maintain their business, this company led by Tim Cook (as the successor of Steve Jobs) changed its strategy. This time they are trying to add to their products, not only hardware but also as service providers.

Apple News Plus

Apple News Plus is an addition to Apple News. Apple News (or commonly called News) is an application on a smartphone and news aggregator created by Apple Inc., for the iOS, macOS, and watchOS operating systems. This is the successor of the previous application namely the Newsstand that already existed in the previous iOS version.

The Apple News application works by attracting news from various webs that provide feeds (Atom and RSS) or from their partners via JSON formatted in the Apple News Format.

News is taken from the publisher’s website through the AppleNewsBot web crawler bot. Bots take feeds, as well as web pages and images for Apple News services.

Apple News Plus | Apple News iPhone 6 Plus

Apple News Plus (Apple)

At WWDC 2018, Apple announced that the News application would be available on MacOS Mojave.

On March 25, 2019, iOS 12.2 was released with the latest News application that introduced subscriptions through Apple’s “Apple News +” service, which was announced the same day.

Apple News + is an electronic magazine that offers subscription services and we can read at will, this service is similar to the one offered by YouTube through its YouTube Premium. This concept is even closer to The Wall Street Journal, which also requires subscriptions to enjoy service.

To be able to enjoy this service, you have to pay at least US $ 10, which is quite cheap. Apple News + can only be obtained temporarily in Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom.

Product Services other than Apple News Plus

In March 2019, Apple not only launched the Apple News Plus service, but there were also a number of other products.

1. Apple TV Plus

Like YouTube Originals, this service is a subscription service for the original series from Apple TV. You must subscribe first to be able to enjoy this feature.

This application uses advanced features such as machine learning to provide better advice. It will be available on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, smart TV. There are several artists who performed during this presentation, they are Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Big Bird, Steve Carell.

2. Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade is made in addition to the App Store. This service focuses on applications made for gamers. Gamers can play to their heart’s content with the game associated with Apple.

Games contained in this service can be played offline. For prices not yet informed, it is expected to arrive at 2019 drivers.

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