Apex Legends Gossips in Twitter, Gamers have to Play this Game

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Apex Legends

Do you know PUBG, Freefire, Fortnite? If you are a pro gamer or just gamer then you should know that. The are online game with battle-royale models game. Lately, EA Games comes with a new battle-royale games for PC called Apex Legends. And it’s free! FYI PUBG for PC is a paid game. The aspect of the Apex game combines elements from various games. About sixty players were pitted against each other on an island in a three team, with one player controlling where their team landed. The troops then have to find weapons and other resources to fight other forces, where the game are gradually shrinks in size until one team remains, thus ending the match.

The game also has a care package and the ability to revive your teammates in a certain time. Communication with team members can be done through voice chat or through a ping system, allowing teammates to easily mark supplies, locations and enemies, allowing teammates to easily mark supplies, locations and enemies. The game has eight heroes to choose from, and are equipped with a micro transaction system.

Apex Legends is different from most royale fighting games by combining Legends, predetermined heroes with unique abilities that have unique abilities that fall into roles such as abus, Records and Defense. Players are grouped into three teams, each player chooses a unique Legend in turn, and each match displays up to 20 competing teams. All temas start without equipment and are flown onto the game map via random dropships where they fall into any aplace on the map they can reach.

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Apex Legends – New & Leaks Account Twitter

Apex Legends has an official account in Twitter. It’s called Apex Legends (@PlayApex). Someday, there is another account named Apex Legends – News & Leaks (RealApexLeaks) announcing to their followers to make an banner for them. They are using it for their Twitter banner. Apex Legends -News & Leaks is all about rumoured-leaked about gameplay, update UI or other updates.  There is also Giveaway and some surveys.

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