Airpods 2 Price: for Die-Hard Apple Fans?


Apple is one of the largest technology companies in the world today with very strong branding. Even in the past few years it was named a company with the greatest value reaching billions of US dollars. Apple has many product lines such as Macbook laptops, iMac computers, iPod music players, and so on. One of the smallest Apple products is Airpods, a wireless earphone with a design that is quite unique (but I don’t think it is elegant tho). Airpods are equipped with a case that functions as a charger at the same time, which of course must be purchased separately as is the custom of Apple in general. Apple confidently claims that Airpods are the best among its rivals.

Airpods 2 Price

Airpods with hey siri

Rumor has it that in 2019 Apple’s new product will be launched, the successor to Airpods. This product will not be called Airpods 2 but with only with Airpods. This device will use the latest chip -H1- instead of W2, as predicted in previous rumors. This H1 chip is a new chip that is designed specifically for use on earphone devices. Apple claims that this chip can provide better sound quality with a battery that is 50% more efficient than the previous version.

The new Airpods also has new feature, Hands-free “Hey Siri”. This is a tip feature in September. You no longer need to touch the earbud to call Siri. This means you can change tracks, adjust volume, or ask for directions and keep your hands in your pocket at all times. Likewise in the connectivity sector, the new Airpods will have a speed of connectivity with the iPhone twice faster than the previous version.

It will be priced at $159, which means there is no price increase for this device unless you buy the case too (Wireless Charging Case). In addition, Apple also promises longer talk time than the previous generation. This means that some of these changes are a good change for an Airpods and hopefully you can like this Airpods upgrade.

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